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Dr. Horrible — And of course, YouTube and more Dr. Steel stuff

And in my last post, I forgot the now ubiquitous YouTube channel, not mentioned in any of the other material. http://www.youtube.com/doctorhorrible, with 1,586 subscribers and 10,887 channel views. So with the volume that supposedly had been hitting their own site, this is a surprisingly low number. 4th largest subscribers to a channel on YouTube this…
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Dr. Horrible — Marketing Modern Media Mahem

So now the third installment of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog (http://www.drhorrible.com) has posted, in theory to be up until Sunday in this mystical experiment. Along with friends from his TV adventures, Joss has created a musical superhero/villain show and his MySpace blog shows how this will be an experimental vision of independence. It…
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