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Exploring the Future . . . and Helping Your Find Your Future

The perfect local television station in the Internet era?

I have been watching the public dance about KCET and PBS squaring off about tithing rates for programming.  This tension challenges some of KCET’s biggest assets: goodwill and cross-promoted programming brands.  KCET’s potential future as an independent station changes everything: cost structure, programming, audience, donor support, etc.  This transition also can allow it, however, to…
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A half hour interview turned into…4 sentences in 3 markets? :)

I heard from a few past clients and students recently. The message mostly was “hey, I saw you on my 11 o’clock news! I never watch it, but happened to still have the TV on and there you were!” Yes, that was me. I did a half-hour interview in January that got inserted into newscasts…
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Twitter Twice in Today’s Times (say that 3 times fast) and Yelp Once

I’m always fascinated at the interplay between traditional and digital media. The traditional gives memes and other bursts of energy a boost into the broader knowledge base. Twitter got two such boosts today: — JobAngels — a Tweet and re-Tweet vehicle to help people find jobs, with 300 or so jobs circulated, caught the attention…
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