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#CUE10 #3: Google vs. Grok — Information Literacy Standards, but not Standards?

I’ve been working on several pieces tentatively titled “Google vs. Grok.”  I love telling people this.  I get one of two reactions to Grok.  Either people light up or look at me quite perplexed.  Grok is from Robert Heinlein’s 1961 Hugo-Award Winning Stranger in a Strange Land and speaks to a true, deep understanding.  In…
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Connecting to the Jury Box? Bad, bad.

Google mobile search is transforming the way I work. It is very irritating — I’m checking details all the time that people mention in conversation. I try not to correct them…that seems rude. Or at least my husband keeps telling me it is rude. So I’m not surprised, but still amazed, at the New York…
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