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pinching an image on an iPad

Touching My Content – New Habits, Old Screens

I am enjoying my new iPad tremendously.  I’ve gotten the hang of sliding my fingers to scroll, as well as pinching and unpinching to zoom in and out. Yet twice yesterday I turned to my lovely computer flatscreen on my desktop computer with the absentminded control action of sliding my hand or tapping.  A few…
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Comcast Devices Anyone?

Todd Spangler, who writes the Bit Rate blog for Multichannel News, noted recently that Comcast in the fall filed trademark protection for two devices: AnyReach, a portable TV & radio player, which as a Panasonic produced DVR, will be available in 2009XtraScreen, “slings” TV content over wireless to computers Hmmm? Warm and fuzzy, anyone? With…
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