SXSW 2014 Crowdsourced Panelpicker: Update with Results

SXSW 2014 Crowdsourced Panelpicker: Update with Results

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[Revised Jan. 22, 2014]

Back in August 2013, SXSW started its crowdsourced panel picking process for 2014.  Each year, thousands of people pitch great ideas to be voted on in a big crowdsourced process.  According to a recent email, 700 people pitched SXSWedu (education) panels for that conference.  More than 3,000 pitched for SXSW Interactive.  Who knows how many pitched for SXSW Music.  A person can only pitch one for each.

We submitted 3 pitches around innovation: educational, social media, and interpersonal:

  • SXSWedu (March 3-6, 2013): “To MOOC or Not To MOOC: Real Questions at the Core” (
    • Pitch: MOOCs (Massively Open Online Classes) have dominated the educational trade press in both 2012 and 2013, stirring both enthusiasm and anxiety. This session will look at their impact on higher education planning, economics, and “the rest of us.”  What have we learned from MOOCs?   How can universities use these learnings to create our own environments for the next decade? This session will frame ways to have concrete and beneficial discussions about learnings from these broadly MOOC-labeled experiences in our blended university environments. Questions can arise beyond the economics of learning at scale, focusing on the learning science, design, and differences in qualities, as well as the real learning outcomes. With this lens, we also can examine what “works” in the 700-person lecture hall and in more intimate distributed learning platforms.
    • Find a supporting Prezi at
  • SXSW Interactive (March 7-11, 2013): “Pixelating Reality: How Smartphones Shift Now (
    • Pitch: Many of us carry smartphones wherever we go. Increasingly, we are leaning on them as active and passive gathering devices of data and images. Google Glass and other recording devices bring the question further front and center—how is our recording and perpetually digitally checking in affecting our everyday lives? How are those check-ins and recordings shifting our being “present” in our shared Now and Here? Are we increasingly taking the opportunity to be digitally Elsewhere and not Present?
    • Find my supporting YouTube video at
  • SXSW Music (March 11-16, 2013):  “Building Your Digital Brand Using Social Media” (
    • This ties into my Udemy course and my UCLA Music course as well, plus benefits from work this summer in helping relaunch a long-time software product.
    • Pitch: The digital world for musicians continues to change dramatically. We can self-market and create communities directly with listeners and also can thrive in online communities with influencers and other musicians around the world. Digital has transformed not just the way we get the word out, but also how we create and collaborate. Internet marketing has morphed into Internet community crowdsourcing of rich relationships—a very different world for musicians and musical organizations. How can you – a busy musician and/or support team – use the resources of social media to use your time, energy, and money well to create your long-term audience and profitable Super Fans?
    • Find a supporting Prezi at

We were thrilled that our favorite won: Pixelating Reality.  You’ll be able to join that session at SXSW on March 11 at SXSW Interactive.


#CUE10 #2: Challenging assumptions between creative works and technology

What assumptions do we make in how we can create by the rules of our technologies?

At the end of March, I begin to teach my Digital Content, Commerce, and Culture course at UCLA Anderson.  This year, I’m morphing it into an examination from a media business perspective of the interplay between assumptions of creativity and technology.  I have a marvelous group of speakers planned and am fairly excited about it.  I’m also working on doctoral research in this arena, so the fibers of my interests are connecting well here.

Many things sparked that interest at CUE 2010 this week.  I am including below some of the links that were shared by intriguing speakers as well as off-site from cohorts and friends.  Most of the elements below tinker with the assumptions that we make between creativity and technology:

  • Assumptions of how we interact with online video:  I was introduced to this by Roger Wagner, the creator behind HyperStudio.  He showed this to me as an example of where we may be going in terms of interactivity.  Play with this by moving your cursor.  See what assumptions it challenges about (a) a screen-shaped rectangular image and (b) what we can do as users and how to plan for alternate interaction.
Lots of citings on the Red #Balloon #DARPA Search

Lots of citings on the Red #Balloon #DARPA Search

Very interesting search going on on-line and between people for these 10 DARPA red balloons. Started at 10 am EST today with various groups getting together to find them.

I’m using Twitscoop ( and PicFrog ( to watch the scene.

Lots of publicly stated and Tweeted “finds”:
– Albany, NY, NYS Museum (photo below)
– Santa Barbara, CA ?#4 (Beach) — pic at –34d 24m 51s N; 119d, 41m, 05s, W — another pic link
– Irvine Spectrum, CA (#5), near entrance — appxo. — link to photo
– University of Wyoming 510 East Flint Street, Laramie, WY (supposed #7)
– Delaware? – photo at (another supposed #7)
– Portland, OR, Waterford Park (photo below) (#9)
– Nashville, TN — ??
– Heinz Field, Pittsburgh
– Scottsdale, AZ
– Highland Park, Lafayette, IL
– Fanuell Hall or Dexbury, Boston — ??
– Austin, TX
– Rochester, NY
– Bithlo Speedway, FL (supposedly false report)
– Near 14 Freeway, Marina Del Rey, CA (looks strange)
– Providence River, RI (photo below)
– Royal Oak, MI
– Louisville, KY, near Dixie Highway
– Troy, NY (250 Lark @ Jay)
– 4925 Ashley Park Drive, West Des Moines, supposedly #5 also

Photos posted on Twitpic include:

Santa Barbara, CA
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Portland, OR

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Albany, NY

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Royal Oak, MI
Giant red balloon in Royal Oak, MI on Twitpic

Marina del Ray, CA
Mom just called to tell me she saw a red balloon by the freew... on Twitpic