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Holiday greetings of the past

Holiday Letters = Progressive Trends + Gender Parity and Power?

Here’s my headscratcher of the season: two nag holiday letters.

#CUE10 #2: Challenging assumptions between creative works and technology

What assumptions do we make in how we can create by the rules of our technologies? At the end of March, I begin to teach my Digital Content, Commerce, and Culture course at UCLA Anderson.  This year, I’m morphing it into an examination from a media business perspective of the interplay between assumptions of creativity…
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#CUE10 #1: Changing gear-driven assumptions on Creativity and Learning

I spent Thursday through Saturday at Computer-Using Educators (CUE) out in the desert here in California and met a wonderful group of thoughtful and somewhat rebellious teachers.  Many had to take their own days off to come and paid their own ways.  Each was working in their own path to make the education better for…
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