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Exploring the Future . . . and Helping Your Find Your Future

#CUE10 #2: Challenging assumptions between creative works and technology

What assumptions do we make in how we can create by the rules of our technologies? At the end of March, I begin to teach my Digital Content, Commerce, and Culture course at UCLA Anderson.  This year, I’m morphing it into an examination from a media business perspective of the interplay between assumptions of creativity…
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Hype and Money

I told Will Richmond at Digital Hollywood that I was really enjoying his e-newsletter. He looked quite startled and told me to pass the word along. So here I am. I appreciated his post on June 5’s VideoNuze about the abundance of money that is plummeting into video aggregators — http://www.videonuze.com/blogs/?2008-06-05/Video-Aggregators-Have-Raised-366-Million-to-Date/&id=1867 By his account, more…
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