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Exploring the Future . . . and Helping Your Find Your Future

Changing Metaphors, Belief, and Habits

Fourth of a Series of Blog Posts from Maremel’s White Paper: Opening Pandora’s Digital Box One core challenge is how new habits will affect the long-term economic value of owning product.  Jeff Zucker’s 2008 concern of finding ways to make money online to that “we do not end up trading analog dollars for digital pennies[i]”…
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Our eBook Future: Glut or Glory?

I enjoyed a recent article in The Bookseller by Philip Jones.  Philip Downer, who used to run Border Books’ UK operation, warned of the glut of content and the control by Amazon, Google, and Apple of the pipelines to the consumer with proprietary formats.  He urged change and a pooling of resources by the publishers.  He expressed concern about…
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