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Lack of Passion? 10 Years Post-AOL/TWX: CNBC Interview – http://tinyurl.com/aoltwx0110

Interesting 10 year reflection on AOL/TWX by Gerry Levin and Steve Case. You can enjoy it yourself with the embedded video below from CNBC, but here’s some snippets of interesting quotes and comments: — “Worst deal of the decade…apparently” (referring to recent NYT article)— “It’s not a supermarket — it’s a mall” (describing what the…
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A new look at an old space — birth of radio in the US

It wasn’t until I was working on materials for my Media 2015 class this week, which is on the past 100 years in broadcasting, that I had a dawning glimmer about early radio. There is a lot written and referred to about the various NBC radio networks and how the FCC from 1940 required them…
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