Please vote for our SXSW proposal: Futures Inc.

Our Possible Futures are a business of influence. Come dig through how companies, political parties, and investors work hard to craft our beliefs in the future and get us to take action (or not). We’ll look through how “Sad Puppies” has tried to impact the nature of science fiction, how social media political efforts have been working to impact our views of the future, and how our views of the future are being measured and adjusted in this digital era. We’ll look at how technologies are trying to predict what you will be wanting to see or do, pre-limiting your choices and echoing back what you already want to see based on your own belief sets of the present and future. We’ll explore case studies and questions about our Future Futures.

  • You will understand how the battle is less over Fake News and more about changing world views and actions among subgroups across the world
  • You will see how “futures” in scifi help both influence belief and negotiate fears from technology
  • You will have insights on how you are impacting customers and community beliefs, and how to read the stories of the future across media.

Futures-Inc- from Maremel Institute on Vimeo.