Exploring the Future . . . and Helping Your Find Your Future

As a think tank, we explore and research next-generation technologies.  We have our hands in fields including VR and mixed realities, education, human data systems, music, media, and workforce development.  We also focus on beliefs and social systems around technologies, and how changes shift core power structures and ecosystems.  Partners hire us for advisory work, speaking, executive programs, and other endeavors.

We connect diverse innovators to each other across a wide variety of sectors. We work with partners and programs to connect innovators around the edges of new technologies, especially focused on learning and collaborative technologies, virtual and augmented reality, and next-generation marketing and community-driving data systems.  These connections drive new programs, partnerships, and combinations of ideas and people outside of their own sectors opportunities.

Over the past decade, we have built educational programs and workshops for teens, college students, university faculty, executives, and the general public to inspire them on what they can do with new technologies in their lives and work.

Join us to explore, recombine, and inspire from what is happening on the edges of technology and how tech is impacting how we create, share, work, learn, and decide.