Maremel News

We are gearing up for many new projects for Fall 2014 launch, and welcome your joining our newsletters.

Upcoming Events

  • July 2014: We are working with the Arts Educator Network Creativity Playground at ISTE, the annual conference for educational technology
  • July 2014: For the fifth year, we are working with the University of Navarra on a graduate program, and this time are returning to New York City to run a media innovation module with their Executive Master’s Program.
  • August 2014: We will visit and spelunk around the Academy of Management again this year.
  • August 2014: Yes, we are returning to Dragon*Con in Atlanta for the 7th year — just for the fun of it.

Upcoming Opportunities

  • We are getting ready to announce new webinars and podcasts from our ongoing research and community work — watch this space!
  • Two books are in process to share some of our ongoing work, probably for publication in 2015.

Upcoming Projects

  • We are working with several creative production toolsets as new clients this year, and will be sharing what we can over the next six months in terms of new collaborative and creative opportunities.  We also will be increasing related work in the Creative Tech Lab.