Possible Futures

How do we think about what Futures may be coming?  Can we work together to co-create different futures?

We're growing a podcast, blog, and possible video series on these questions. 

Travel Guide to the Future

2020 -- We'll be launching a book and series of events on a tongue-in-cheek "Travel Guide to the Future."  Please get on the preorder list for this adventure. 

Near and Far Futures

What can we "see" of the possible futures from standing at Now and Here?  Starting in 2020, we'll be creating programs and media on Next and Far futures. 


What can we rethink to reconsider different possible actions in the future?  This series of articles and programs will explore how we can...

  • Rethink Work
  • Rethink Time
  • Rethink Place
  • Rethink Digital
  • Rethink Creativity
  • Rethink Careers


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