Creative Brand Marketing Plan

Creative Marketing Plan

Can You Fill In These Blanks?

Executive Summary

(This you start first and finish last.  This is what someone could read without reading the rest and understand where you are trying to go.)

  • Product — Brief description of You as a Product (e.g., video series, editor, producer, etc.)
  • Market/target audience – Who do you expect to Buy?  Consumers?  Where?  Demographic/Psychographic?  Via what distribution?  What geography?  What language?
  • Where we are on the marketing funnel?
  • AIDA
    • A – Attention (Awareness): attract the attention of the customer.
    • I – Interest: raise customer interest by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits (instead of focusing on features, as in traditional advertising).
    • D – Desire: convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs.
    • A – Action: lead customers towards taking action and/or purchasing.
    • Repeat (loyalty)
    • Refer (loyalty)
    • Are you reminding folks who already know about you to consider using you or watching your work?  Introduce your product?
    • What are the core strategies that you will be looking at?
    • What % will “buy” your product or services of the people who are aware of your products?
  • Marketing objective – e.g. specific desired results with a timeframe.
    • “I plan to achieve xxx fans on yyyy by June 30, 2014”
    • What will that do for you?
    • How does that Key Performance Indicator match up with your product, funnel spot, and market/target audience?
  • “Brand Promise”
    • Who are you and what do you offer?
    • What makes your product different than anyone else (or most others)?
  • Priorities of tactics, tools, and resources
    • This should be a summary of all of the elements you choose below

Further Thoughts on Customer — Decision Worksheet

  • Who is the main customer?  Start with the obvious ones who will love your work, not “everybody”
    • What does this do for them?
    • What does this replace?  Current content they are watching?  Current services?  Why would they leave?
  • Creation of a Brand Persona – who is your Amy or George?
    • Where do they hang out?
    • What do they love?
    • Who are their friends?
    • What needs (real/emotional) are you fulfilling with the product, and for whom?

Audience/Client Target:

  • Market fit for that demographic/psychographic
    • Can you give us details about the exact type of person who will be buying your Product?
    • Who has been buying it already?  How do you know?  Have you used Alexa, Google Analytics, or others to see who is coming to your websites?  Facebook Insights?  Twitter Analytics?
    • You aren’t 18-70 – what are the age groups that like your work?  Have you looked at Alexa or Quantcast for yours or OTHER people’s work?
  • Place – where – geography
    • Even if you are online, your fans aren’t “everywhere”.  Language?  Geography?  So Cal?  Big cities?


Product – what exactly are you selling?

    • Services
    • Live events – local, screenings, multimedia
    • Digital Distribution
    • Physical Distribution
    • Merchandise
    • Virtual goods/giveaways
    • Branding opportunities


    • Where sold/found?  “Online” is too broad – where will your content or services be found?
    • Local, national, international?
    • Digital or physical?


  • Relative and absolute price – expensive?  Cheaper than peers?
  • Free to customers – paid for by others (e.g., brands, advertising?)
  • Do I need to buy a service to get your product?  A piece of equipment?


    • There are four areas of Promotion
      • advertising,
      • public relations,
      • selling, and
      • sales promotion
    • These split into two categories: “Earned” and “Paid”
      • “Earned” – PR, blogs, press releases, events, radio, search engine optimization (SEO), YouTube, virtual goods/gifts, Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
      • “Paid” – ads, direct marketing, email (use a service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact), mail . . .   Paid search / Google Ad Words
      • “Calls to Action” in each?  What exactly do you expect your fan/visitor to do?  What are you giving them to do?
      • Are you collecting data on your fans?  Where?  Do you own it?  Are you collecting LOCATION data so that you can target local events and promotions?
    • Lead times – how far in advance do blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc. make decisions to provide coverage?  How far in advance do you need to contact them for these to be effective?  BIG DEAL.

Your Market

  • Geography – where are your fans or potential customers?
  • Size of Potential Market – how do you define it?  Not “big” or “small” – there is research to see how many people or companies are around in the sector and region.   Are you trying to get 10% of 100 professional organizations in Los Angeles?  Or 2% of a demographic group that the Census Bureau says is
  • Competitors – Who are your competitors for this geography and potential market?  Is it fragmented into many players?  Are there 2-3 big players already there?
  • Distribution – For products (vs. services), who do you need to distribute through?  YouTube?  iTunes?  What market share do they have?  Who already are the major channels?
  • Influencers – who does your target audience find out about new services or products or content from?
    • Where do they go for information?
    • What other content do they watch?  What other services do they use?  Where do they shop?
  • Super Fans (aka Whales, Dolphins, Minnows)

Action Steps

  • Based on the above, what in detail do you plan to do when?  A timeline in detail for the next 6 months?
  • Cost and revenue for all of this?