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Leading Change Social Media Data for Decision-Making
Digital Music Updating Digital Distribution for Your Music (Expanded Program) Even if you have been distributing your music via digital distribution platforms for years, that space is changing.  Do I work with Spotify?  CD Baby? Tune Core? My own internet radio channel? Spotify? Next Big Sound? SoundCloud? Augh! This course will share the basic economics, risks, rewards, and funny anecdotes about wrestling with the changing world of digital distribution on your own.
Personal Change Finding New Fans: Using Social Media for Fan Discovery Yes, I’m on Twitter. Why am I on Twitter? What is this Pinterest thing?   This roll-up-your-sleeves course will help show how you can use OTHER people’s social media to understand how to build your own digitally connected audience. We’ll show how to…spy….on other artists and learn now to find where your potential audience already hangs out.  You will learn how to measure what is working for others and where you should put your time, effort, and attention to thrive as a creator in this digital age.
Personal Growth 5 Tools to Expand Your Digital Presence As you prepare to stand on the steps of your next directions in life, how can you frame and encourage your distinctive voice? How can digital tools broaden and enhance that experience?   This workshop will introduce five digital building blocks to expanding that voice:  (1) Intentional Stimuli: Building stimulus queues and listening structures across your old and new interests. (2) Your Digital Self: Presenting yourself across platforms with new labels and metaphors. (3) Connected Voices: Making new connections with new communities of practice to engage and enrich your expanded voice. (4) Digital Synthesis: Adjacency and Serendipity through Digital Connections. (5) Non-Traditional Publishing: New Ways to Share Your Voice
Digital Music Building Your Digital Music Brand The digital world for musicians continues to change dramatically. We not only have the ability to self-market and create communities directly with listeners, but also can thrive in online communities with influencers and other musicians around the world. Digital has transformed not just the way we get the word out, but also how we create. Internet marketing has morphed into internet community crowdsourcing—a very different world for musicians and musical organizations.  This course will be driven by project-based work of the current online environments for musicians, organizations, and venues. Students will dive into best practices around the world, growing your own “brand,” finding your “target market” online, and engaging with right communities of practice to build your own connections and online portfolio of collaborators.
Leading Change Infographic Basics: Mixing Image, Story, and Tools Infographics have been adopted by newspapers, PR, and others who want to share complex information for audiences to pass along.  Sharing JPGs can be easier than sharing links, and has been referred to as linkbait in its ease of drawing social media links and referrals.  Infographics are part of a whole spectrum of info-glut or infoporn.  This session will look at tools that most of us can use to build data visualizations both for our own decisions and to influence the decisions of others in our work and everyday lives.