Presentation 101

Exploring the Future . . . and Helping Your Find Your Future

Presentation 101

In this workshop, we will highlight tools and techniques to expand your presentation skills.

We will look at the following tools and questions:

  • What are the norms and standards of presentations in your organization?  Why?
  • What are best practices for “8.5×11” presentations?  What are other options to think outside of this box?
  • What are the basics of data visualization (e.g., translating information into visual narratives)?
  • How can I use new tools like Prezi, VUE, and Webspiration?
  • What else should I think about in presenting (e.g., images, interactive elements)?
  • How do I prepare, set up, and think through a presentation?
  • How do I help and coach students in preparing?  How do I coach great presentations and give other tools than just PowerPoint and Word?

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