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  • Classes and Workshops
  • Publications and Multimedia
  • Change Management Training for Organizations
  • Projects and Programs in New Market Development — consulting and training
  • Programs and Partnerships
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Classes and Workshops

We explore three levels of innovation — industry, organizational, and person, through three types of programs:

  • Custom Workshops and Programs
  • Online Workshops
  • Live Events

We have workshops for professional skills and for personal development skills.

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Publications and Multimedia Resources

  • Videos
  • White Papers
  • eDiscussions
  • Collab Spaces

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Change Management Training for Organizations

  • Organizational Design and Momentum Building
  • Expert 1:1 Innovation Coaching

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New Market Strategies

Programs and Partnerships

Technology opens up powerful new choices for how we can live, learn and work.  For organizations, it brings changes to members’ businesses and careers

The Digital Entertainment Academy can help you help your members through two types of programs:

  • Co-Branded Programs
  • Affiliate Partnerships

Co-Branded Programs

We are piloting co-branded programs, bringing continuing education to organizations and institutions under a shared banner, created in both fully online modes as well as blended programs with live and local programs.  We are designing these programs as either revenue sharing opportunities or single-fee programs, depending on their complexity and specialization.  Contact us to talk further about how these programs can work with your organization.

Affiliate Partnerships

Would you like to bring new learning programs to your members and community while earning another revenue stream?  We are gearing for a late fall launch of a full affiliate program.  Planned classes include:

  • Spying for Entrepreneurs: Social Listening to Not Just Your Customers (Social Tea Leaves Series)
  • Social Media Basics
  • Building Your Creative Brand: Using Social Media to Create Creative Communities (Digital Brand Series)
  • Digital Media 101: Disruption and New Opportunities (Digital Media 101 Series)

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Research and Reflection

  • Industry Innovation
    • “Rethinking” Series
    • Media
    • Cultural Industrie
    • Education
    • Music
  • Organizational Innovation
  • Personal Innovation
    • Digital Life Tools
    • Spark4Me Series
    • Next Career.me

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Speaking and Keynotes

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