We enjoyed our adventures at CES 2014.  Dr. Johnson came hold with a nasty convention cold, and now that she is almost human again, we thought we would share the human-adjacent technologies about robots, eye tracking, 3D printing, telepresence, quad copters, cars, and other things that go bump in the night from future and present technology trends.

See anything you’d like?


Intriguing images from CES 2014, especially around 3D printing, eye tracking, telepresence, quad copters, and the digital home.

[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_3ds-7.jpg]Capturing 3D Printed Super Heroes
A CES 2014 visitor takes a picture of super hero figures printed and shared at the 3D Systems (DDD) booth. @3dsystemscorp
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_3ds-cube-1.jpg]Little 3DS Cubes, All in a Row
A row of 3DS Cubes at CES 2014. Soon to be in a retailer near you? You can go to http://cubify.com/cube3/store.aspx to request to know when they come out. @3dsystemscorp
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_3ds-cube-2.jpg]3DS Cubes at CES 2014
Almost looking like futuristic microwaves, 3D Systems' Cube 3's perch at the table at their booth. @3dsystemscorp
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_3ds-digital-playspace.jpg]Print Your Own Dollhouse Furniture in 3D
Digital Playspace showed 3D printed furniture at the 3D Systems booth at CES 2014. @3dsystemscorp http://cubify.com/brands/DigitalDollhouse/index.aspx and http://www.digitalplayspace.com/.
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_3ds-printed-shoes.jpg]Can you print me a pair of shoes in red?
3D Systems at CES 2014 shared printed shoes and other fineries. Article related to the shoes: http://www.dezeen.com/2013/08/02/cubify-launches-free-to-download-shoes-you-can-print-overnight/. @3dsystemscorp
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-audi-2.jpg]Autos at CES: Audi A3 sneak peaks
We'll be sharing several pictures of the Audi A3 convertible. Ostensibly at CES 2014 to showcase its video-enhanced telematics, it looked gorgeous and won't be available in the US until later in 2014. @Audi
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-audi-3.jpg]Autos as CES: Audi A3 Telematics
We'll be sharing several pictures of the Audi A3 convertible. Ostensibly at CES 2014 to showcase its video-enhanced telematics, it looked gorgeous and won't be available in the US until later in 2014. @Audi
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-audio-quatro-4.jpg]Autos at CES: Audi Sport Quattro Concept Car
This car was mostly there for show, as you couldn't get in and play with it at CES 2014 in the Audi booth. @Audi
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-impala.jpg]Autos at CES: Chevy Impala digital interior
At CES 2014, the Chevy Impala's lovely two-toned leather looked like a luxury handbag inside with all sorts of added gadgets. @Chevrolet
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-mini-1.jpg]Autos at CES: Mini Pimped Out in El Monte
This Mini was at a sound system's booth and had been decked out by a custom car shop from El Monte, CA. Normally, I would not give a Mini a second thought as my next car. This one looked marvelous, though its back was filled with speakers instead of space. @MiniUSA
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-toyota-3.jpg]Autos at CES: Toyota Concepts
This is one of several photos of concept vehicles at Toyota's booth at CES 2014. Their view was of a future world with different transportation needs and appetites. @Toyota
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-toyota-4.jpg]Autos at CES: Sleek and Not My Style
This is one of several photos of concept vehicles at Toyota's booth at CES 2014. This isn't quite what I need but was intriguing in its assumptions about driving. @Toyota
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-toyota-6.jpg]Autos at CES: Awful Paint Job
This is one of several photos of concept vehicles at Toyota's booth at CES 2014. This seems like an ugly distraction and I missed the point. @Toyota
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-toyota-7.jpg]Autos at CES: Well, Not Quite an Auto
This is one of several photos of concept vehicles at Toyota's booth at CES 2014. This two-person, 3-wheel motorcycle caught my fancy, though I would need to think about what I brought with me. @Toyota
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-toyota-future-1.jpg]Autos at CES: Future Car Concept by Toyota
This is one of several photos of concept vehicles at Toyota's booth at CES 2014. Their view was of a future world with different transportation needs and appetites. @Toyota
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_auto-toyota-future-2.jpg]Autos at CES: Another Toyota Sexy Car
This is one of several photos of concept vehicles at Toyota's booth at CES 2014. Not sure which are this was, though I do love the color. @Toyota
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_battery-1.jpg]Digital Water: Precious Electricity at McCarren Airport
As we sped by to our gate on our way to CES 2014, McCarren was juicing up other patrons on their way to wherever they were going.
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_before-google-glass.jpg]Before Google Glass
Many folks were discussing Google Glass at CES 2014. This booth showed the many incarnations of heads-up glasses displays before Google Glass came into the picture.
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_christopher-lloyd-at-ces-2.jpg]Back in Time: Christopher Lloyd Sharing the Stage
Frankie Moreno's band shared the stage with Christopher Lloyd at CES 2014 in the busy and partying Gibson tent. @frankiemoreno
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_christopher-lloyd-at-ces-3.jpg]Back in Time: Christopher Lloyd Onstage
Another shot of Frankie Moreno's band shared the stage with Christopher Lloyd at CES 2014 in the busy and partying Gibson tent. @frankiemoreno
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_christopher-lloyd-at-ces-with-frankie-moreno.jpg]Back in Time: Christopher Lloyd and Frankie Moreno
What a treat! These two gents sang "Back in Time" in the CES 2014 Gibson Tent while a De Lorean pimped out with a flux capacitor sat outside. @frankiemoreno
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_curved-video.jpg]CES 2014: Curved TVs
I may have missed the point, but curved screens shared many admiring glances around CES 2014.
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_digital-home-1.jpg]Digital Home: Connected Speakers at CES 2014
I'd need to find the one to go with my color scheme, but here were some interesting speakers to carry my music into my teenager's worlds in my home. (Maybe if you lived alone?)
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_digital-home-2.jpg]Digital Home: Speakers in Candy Colors
More images of candy-colored speakers to fit around your connected home.
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_eink-clock.jpg]eInk: A Low-Watt Clock as Art
Every minute, this clock changes states and adds a minute to this piece of art, fed by eInk and introduced at CES 2014. And it will be only $499. http://www.eink.com/concept_showcase_wall_clock.html @eInk
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_eye-tech-2.jpg]Eye Tracking: EyeTech's View
At CES 2014, EyeTech had an intriguing demonstration space where you could see eye tracking systems in action. https://www.eyetechds.com/ @eyetechds
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_eyetech-1.jpg]Eye Tracking: More from EyeTech
More from EyeTech's CES 2014 Booth, though I'm not sure what this was supposed to show me. https://www.eyetechds.com/ @eyetechds
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_futurerobot-me-2.jpg]Telepresence: Me as Robot Head
Not my most attractive view. Me as a FutureRobot self at CES 2014. FutureRobot is a Korean company with various interactive robots to see. http://futurerobot.com/en/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_futurerobot-me-3.jpg]Telepresence: Me as Robot Head, 2
Me as a FutureRobot self at CES 2014. Not sure I like this look. http://futurerobot.com/en/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_futurerobot-me.jpg]Telepresence: Me as Robot Head, 3
Me (again) as a FutureRobot self at CES 2014. http://futurerobot.com/en/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_grill-bot-2.jpg]Grillbot in the Digital Home
My husband has no idea why we would ever want one of these. It cleans your grill while you are away and deals with the heat. On the floor at CES 2014. http://grillbots.com/ @Grillbots
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_grillbot.jpg]Grillbot in the Digital Home (2)
Another shot of the Grillbot at CES 2014. http://grillbots.com/ @Grillbots
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_maker-store-1.jpg]MakerBot: Digital Store to Share Results
MakerBot shared its Digital Store content, including these Dragons. https://digitalstore.makerbot.com/ @makerbot
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_makerbot-2.jpg]MakerBot: Shopping and Making
At CES 2014, MakerBot shared many cool things that makers had created. https://digitalstore.makerbot.com/ @makerbot
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_makerbot-3.jpg]MakerBot: A Replicator and a Digitizer
Ah, to have space and budget. At CES 2014, a combination of MakerBot Replicator and Digitizer to make my own gnomes. @makerbot
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_makerbot-5.jpg]MakerBot: The World is Not Enough - Make More
At CES 2014, you could spend an hour just looking at all the cool figurines that people had made from MakerBot. @makerbot
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_makerbot-7.jpg]MakerBot: Another Gnome View
Another view of our MakerBot gnome being scanned on the Digitizer. @makerbot
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_mr-fusion-1.jpg]Mr. Fusion: CES for the Fun of It
Quirky fun is one of my favorite parts of CES. Anyone want a Mr. Fusion from the car on Back to the Future?
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_power-2.jpg]Digital Water: Airport Power and Privacy
In transit to and from CES 2014, I continued to be amazed at the little digital hearths around the electrical plugs at the airport.
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_power-3.jpg]Digital Water: Gathering Around the Electrical Hearth
Another gaggle of power users at the Las Vegas airport. Due to massive weather delays, scenes like this were common.
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_quad-dji-1.jpg]Quad Copters: DJI
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_quad-dji-2.jpg]Quad Copters: DJI 2
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_quad-dji-4.jpg]Quad Copters: DJI 3
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_quad-dji-5.jpg]Quad Copters: DJI 4
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_quad-dji-6.jpg]Quad Copters: DJI 5
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_quad-parrot-1.jpg]Quad Copters: Parrot
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_quad-parrot-3.jpg]Quad Copters: Parrot 2
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_quad-parrot-4.jpg]Quad Copters: Parrot 3
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_quad-parrot-7.jpg]Quad Copters: Parrot 4
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_robot-rapiro-1.jpg]Robots: Rapiro at CES 2014
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_robots-3.jpg]Robots: Balancing Act
At CES 2014, robots seemed to be one of the popular passtimes. These don't tip over after they have been started up.
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_sugar-labs-3ds-7.jpg]Sugar Labs: 3D Printed Sugar as Cake Sculpture
Fancy! 3D sugar printing in 3D Systems Chef Jr. for CES 2014 by Sugar Labs. http://the-sugar-lab.com/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_sugar-labs-3ds-cake.jpg]Sugar Labs: Fancy Cake with Printed Sugar
This took a long time and a lot of money for this lovely 3D printed cake bottom and top at CES 2014. http://the-sugar-lab.com/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_sugar-labs-3ds-candy-1.jpg]Sugar Labs: Some 3D Printed Candy, Little Girl?
Guests enjoyed the fruits of Sugar Labs work with their 3D Systems printer at CES 2014. http://the-sugar-lab.com/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_sugar-labs-3ds-candy-2.jpg]Sugar Labs: A Peek at our Printed Food Future
Earl Grey, hot. Well, not quite. It takes more than a few minutes for 3D Systems Chef Jr. to print out either this sculpture or candy. The sculpture comes out of their multicolor food/sugar printer. http://the-sugar-lab.com/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_sugar-labs-3ds-candy-3.jpg]Sugar Labs: 3D Chocolate, Please
Another view of chocolate printed for CES 2014 in the 3D Systems booth by Sugar Labs. http://the-sugar-lab.com/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_sugar-labs-3ds-candy-4.jpg]Sugar Labs: Printing Up a Batch of Candy
3D System with ChefJr now let us print sugar and candy -- here's a batch they printed out with Sugar Labs for CES 2014. http://the-sugar-lab.com/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_sugar-labs-3ds-candy-5.jpg]Sugar Labs: A View of Chocolate Printing Future
Sugar Labs has attached itself to 3D System and is specializing in fancy food printing. Here we have a chocolate ball inside a chocolate box. http://the-sugar-lab.com/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_telepresence-2.jpg]Telepresence: A Different Booth Babe
Here at CES 2014 we see a booth babe not even at the booth but flirting with a guest.
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_telepresence-doublerobotics.jpg]Telepresence: DoubleRobotics
Do I need to be in the meeting? No, send my robot. Here we have a smattering of Double Robotics devices interacting with visitors at CES 2014.
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_thales.jpg]Eye Tracking: Thales at CES 2014
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_tobii-dev-kit.jpg]Eye Tracking: Preorder Your Tobii Dev. Kit at CES 2014
Preorder your Tobii Developers Kit from CES 2014. http://www.tobii.com/en/eye-experience/buy/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_tobii-eye-movement-1.jpg]Eye Tracking: Tobii at CES 2014
This small box on your laptop lets you use eye tracking software, with developments continuing in 2014. http://www.tobii.com/
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_tosy-robot-1.jpg]Robots: Disco Robot
Not sure why I needed a DiscoRobot at CES 2014, but some danced for me. http://tosy.com/index.php/discorobo.html @robottosy
[img src=http://www.maremel.com/wp-content/gallery/ces-2014/thumbs/thumbs_tosy-robot-2.jpg]Robots: Disco in a Box at CES 2014
Well, I'm not sure if I need a DiscoRobot in various colors . . . at CES 2014. http://tosy.com/index.php/discorobo.html @robottosy