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Build Insights and Alternatives. Create Futures.

We are all Futurists.  We are trying to choose what we should do next — career, team, department, family, investments, and more.
And yet, in age of abundant options, we may feel…trapped?  Stuck?

Join Maremel’s programs on how to Design Your Futures.  Check out our soon-to-be-launched RethinkNext classes and programs, which will help you explore new options and combinations.  Join us as a learner in our programs or work to partner with us to bring these programs to your organization or institution.

Engage with Us

We invite you to engage with change with Maremel.

  • Classes and Workshops
  • Publications and Multimedia
  • Change Management Training for Organizations
  • Projects and Programs in New Market Development — consulting and training
  • Programs and Partnerships
  • Speaking and Keynotes

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Classes and Workshops

We explore three levels of innovation — industry, organizational, and person, through three types of programs:

  • Custom Workshops and Programs
  • Online Workshops
  • Live Events

We have workshops for professional skills and for personal development skills.

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Publications and Multimedia Resources

  • Videos
  • White Papers
  • eDiscussions
  • Collab Spaces

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Change Management Training for Organizations

  • Organizational Design and Momentum Building
  • Expert 1:1 Innovation Coaching

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New Market Strategies

Programs and Partnerships

Technology opens up powerful new choices for how we can live, learn and work.  For organizations, it brings changes to members’ businesses and careers

The Digital Entertainment Academy can help you help your members through two types of programs:

  • Co-Branded Programs
  • Affiliate Partnerships

Co-Branded Programs

We are piloting co-branded programs, bringing continuing education to organizations and institutions under a shared banner, created in both fully online modes as well as blended programs with live and local programs.  We are designing these programs as either revenue sharing opportunities or single-fee programs, depending on their complexity and specialization.  Contact us to talk further about how these programs can work with your organization.

Affiliate Partnerships

Would you like to bring new learning programs to your members and community while earning another revenue stream?  We are gearing for a late fall launch of a full affiliate program.  Planned classes include:

  • Spying for Entrepreneurs: Social Listening to Not Just Your Customers (Social Tea Leaves Series)
  • Social Media Basics
  • Building Your Creative Brand: Using Social Media to Create Creative Communities (Digital Brand Series)
  • Digital Media 101: Disruption and New Opportunities (Digital Media 101 Series)

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Research and Reflection

  • Industry Innovation
    • “Rethinking” Series
    • Media
    • Cultural Industrie
    • Education
    • Music
  • Organizational Innovation
  • Personal Innovation
    • Digital Life Tools
    • Spark4Me Series
    • Next

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Speaking and Keynotes

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Digital Media Resources

Resources and Links

Below, we have listed various trade publications for more information.  You also can follow our resource links for music at this link.

Digital Trades

Film & TV Production & Distribution

Cable and Television

Advertising and Marketing






Leading Innovation: Consulting and Change Management

Over the past five years, Maremel has worked with a variety of organizational teams and leaders to engage with breaking barriers blocking innovation.  We’ve helped weave new paths through sector and organizational change.

  • New market strategies
  • Organizational re-design and capacity building in changing sectors
  • 1:1 innovation coaching
  • Custom workshops and programs for teams, both in-person and across time zones online

We have worked with teams from new start-ups, product re-launches, battling faculty groups, changing trade associations, online course system developers, and cloud-based tool expansions.  We have helped C-Level executives plan and execute key strategic shifts as well as understand external changes facing major competitors and clients.

Let us help you build your skills for wrestling with change within in your team, organization, and industry sector.

Speaking and Keynotes

Our Executive Director, Dr. Gigi Johnson, speaks extensively in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Gigi Johnson has spoken for many years in media, education, and technology events and classrooms about new business and social frameworks in this age of infinite information.  Beyond convergence, she shows how the resulting disruptions bring expanded opportunities: for work, social change, and personal living.

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An energetic and engaging speaker, Dr. Johnson shares ideas that help listeners rethink their futures. Her explanations inspire her listeners to take different directions with their work, their partnerships, their world visions, and often their lives.  She makes clear what overwhelms us as confusing about all of these new technologies in our daily lives.  She identifies new business trends and connections, not just for now, but for the mid-term future.  She focuses on three main arenas of disruption and transformation:

  • how time, place, and data are reconnecting how we engage with each other, with media, with technology, and with education;
  • how our stories that we use to understand those reconnections and changes can be expanded, with new opportunities from seeing more clearly how the fibers of new business models are creating new lines of power and opportunity; and
  • how we can thrive by bringing new models and information into our work, careers, brands, and relationships—not just taking what we’ve been given, but opening the doors wider for new connected opportunities.

Speaking Themes

Dr. Johnson concentrates on three themes: understanding change for new media professionals, advanced change for new leadership, and re-creating your work and personal opportunities for all of us.

New Media Professionals: Bootcamps for Up-and-Coming Media Professionals

  • Digital Media 101: Understanding Disruptive Opportunities
  • Social Media Simplified
  • Digital Media Simplified

Advanced Change for New Leadership:  Conversations on Next-Generation Media and Change

  • Media 2017 – Building Your Next Business(es)
  • Advanced Media Ecosystems: Reading the Waves Before They Hit Land

Re-Creating Your Work and Personal Opportunities: Thriving by Intentional Digital Re-Connections

  • Rethinking Your Digital Life: Supercharging How You Embrace Choices and Time
    • Redrawing the Map of Your Daily Assumptions of Now
    • Opening up the opportunities if you can reconnect the great people and opportunities of your life
    • Building your intentional inflow of alternatives
    • Work Anywhere: Exploding Your Office into The Wide World
      • Re-Thinking how to connect your team to work from any location
      • Turning Your Technology Tools Around — rethinking time and place of how and where you work and live
      • Spying on Others — Powerful ways to Learn from your Competitors
        • Business intelligence using social media
        • Engaging communities that already will love your product
        • Building a Life Queue — Feeding your Brain Digitally as to Next Big Steps
          • Intentionally learning from the connected world
          • Gardening your incoming information for great choices
          • Life Narratives: Rewriting your Future Stories
            • Sharing stories of “who we are”
            • Building new stories of “who we can be”